The Holiday Beach Hotel & Casino can offer you some of the best diving in the Caribbean. We feature a diveshop located on the hotel premises that offers a wide variety of courses, expeditions and dive equipment sales and rentals with emphasis on personal attention.
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Thriving reefs surround Curaçao, attaching to the shore like a narrow fringe. With 57 coral species and plentiful hard corals (40 percent in some places), Curaçao's reef is one of the best on earth. Massive coral formations plunge the depths of great vertical walls.
The wreck of the Superior Producer is one of the finest wrecks in the Caribbean for intermediate and advanced divers. Visibility is at its best in the early morning, and you'll get a good look at this overgrown wreck's residents: barracuda and grouper, coral and anemones. Explore from bow to stern, the ship sits upright in about 100 ft. of water.
Best of all, the Superior Producer wreck lies just off the beach of the Holiday Beach Hotel & Casino!
Even the most experienced diver will find the marine life of Curaçao fascinating. Beautiful gardens of delicate corals are home to brightly colored tropical fish. There are over 500 species of fish, crabs, anemones, colorful sponges and corals inhabiting the reefs.

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